Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Day...Someday...

Hello and welcome to Our Someday Farm!  It is a pleasure to "meet" you.

My name is Valerie and I am the author of  Our Someday Farm online journal to chronicle my family's efforts to move from "suburbanites" to "hobby farmers".

***Okay, "farmers" might be a least as of today...but my husband and I do have a dream of owning several acres where we can raise barns and outbuildings...chickens and vegetables...and most importantly...our three precious kiddos.  One day...someday...

We currently live on 1-acre, in a tiny subdivision, in a one-stoplight town, on the outskirts of Kansas City.  We built our beautiful and perfectly-perfect Greek Revival farmhouse in 2001.  In fact, I love our home so much that if we could just pick it up and move it to 10 or 15-acres out in the country I would be as happy as a clam.

Our Farmhouse during the Kansas City Blizzard of 2009

Unfortunately, moving the house is not a possibility...

...and, well, I'd really love a new kitchen!

So, this past Fall, after hours of discussion and "what-if" dreaming, lazy Sundays spent driving around northeast Kansas, and pinning lots of farmhouse facades on Pinterest my husband and I decided to take that very first baby step forward and hire a realtor to help us locate land.

We're still looking...and with the sluggish economy we're not in a hurry to list our home...

...which means I have plenty of time to "update" our current living quarters.

Because three kids and a dog will do a number on your walls and carpet.  ;)

I would love it so much if you would join me on this journey of home renovation...housing relocation...and interior design exploration!  I think it is so exciting to get to start with a blank slate...don't you?


P.S. I blog regularly at her Little Ways which is my personal blog dedicated to issues of faith and family.  My hope is for this blog to be dedicated to our relocation/building process and interior/exterior design decisions.

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  1. Oh Valerie! I love this new blog - so fresh, a delight to the eyes. Way to go!!