Monday, December 17, 2012

God is Everywhere all the Time!

Here it is, Monday afternoon, I am just now getting my "Spiritual Sunday" post written up.

Obviously, that tells you what kind of weekend we had at our house!

But also, I needed some time to process what happened in Newtown, CT on Friday.

That being said, my dear friend, Carrie D. wrote a most beautiful post on facebook that I just didn't "like"...I loved!  She summed up exactly how I feel about God and public schools.

"As I'm reading the t-shirt about God not being in our schools, and the Fred Rogers quote about looking for the helpers I'm having some thoughts. (I know, shocking right?) I don't think we have the power to kick God out of anywhere. God is good all the time and He is everywhere all the time. He gave us all free will and some will for pain - to feel it, to cause it, and to be blinded by it. 

But some of us choose to help, to respond, to teach, and to love. That being said, we are praying for the families and students who suffered yesterday and for all families everywhere who have suffered. We who teach will continue our work daily to show our students a caring community and the importance of their presence within it."  ~Carrie D.~

I think Carrie is spot on.

I know that there are those who are non-believers...maybe even believers... who are pointing and asking..."Where was (your) God when this was happening?" 

I believe, HE was right there.  Waiting to usher HIS littlest ones in HIS kingdom.  

I choose to believe that HE was weeping right along with those parents at the Sandy Hook Fire Department when they heard the awful news...that there were no more survivors.  That their child was one of the 20 dead.  

I believe that HE was running right alongside those brave first graders who made a mad dash past the gunman in their fight for survival.  

I believe HE was working right alongside the first responders who, too, have to live with the horrific images and memories of that tragic day.

Yes, we as an American society may no longer allow images and icons of God in our public schools.  We no longer use Scripture passages as handwriting...we no longer use Old or New Testament stories as our reading primers (teaching reading)...

...but to say that we have kicked God out of our public schools...


Instead, I believe that there are many, many complicating factors as to why this tragedy occurred including many in society who have systematically removed THEMSELVES from RELATIONSHIP with GOD, the prevalence of violence through media in our society, the gun control issue, bullying,  the lack of access/resources for adequate mental health care, and last, but certainly not least the breakdown of the family.  

We must do better, as a society and as parents, by our children.  

God expects nothing less. 


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  1. Very well said!
    It is going to take a very loooooong time for this to pass and for some it never will but
    time will go on ans everyone will find a way to deal with this tragedy. Maybe someday we will have the answer to "WHY?"

    M :)