Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saint Nicholas Day (Part 2): His Arrival!

Last night as I put the little ones to bed, excitement and anticipation was thick!  All three kiddos were so excited to see if Saint Nicholas (who is the historic figure for (Dutch) Sinterklaas (translated into Santa Claus) would come to our home tonight.  After all, we have never left our shoes out would he know to drop by?

As we said bedtime prayers, we discussed Saint Nicholas' real life...especially how he lived a life dedicated to serving God by being the hands and feet of Jesus.  We also discussed how during this season of Advent, as we wait in anticipation for the ultimate gift of Christmas, the baby Jesus, we too could serve God by doing good deeds for each other...our loved ones including extended family and friends...and even strangers.

Mary Catherine's boots and art work (age 8, 2nd grade).

Luke Alexander's light up shoes and art work (age 2).

Benjamin Paul's winter boots and art work (age 6, Kindergarten)

This morning all three kiddos were up early to see if he came!

Small gifts and treats from Saint Nicholas.

Looks like he found our house! 

I wonder... did he know that my children love McDonalds?

To learn more about this beloved Catholic saint celebrated throughout Europe and North Americans by Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants, visit The Saint Nicholas Center,  a lovely website full of historical information, links to kid coloring and activity pages, as well as ways to celebrate through prayer in your homes or schools.

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!


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